French  Writer 

  1938 Took part in the Manifestations of the Neo Dada groupe Les Reverberes
    with her companions Noel Arnaud Francis Crémieux, Jean-Claude Diamant Berger, 
    Nadine Lefébure ->, Marc Patin, Jean-Francois Chabrun, Gerard de Sede.

  1939 Affair with Christian Dotremont.

  1941 May; Published in first edition of La Main a Plume.

  1942 Companion of Raoul Ubac.
      Essay  Image et photographie. 

      Linked with Edouard Jaguer, Maurice Blanchard, Laurence Iche, 
      and Robert Rius.

  1944 Defends Rene Magritte's Le Modele Rouge -> shown in the Salon d'Autumne and 
      disparaged by Andre Lhote.

  1946 Tribute to Christian Dotremont in the Belgian journal 
      La Coquete du monde pour Ímage See ->.

      Suspected Suicide.

      See Timeline