1886 b. July 12th in Vienna.
    Austrian artist and writer. 
    One of the key figures in Berlin Dada, famous for his experimental 
    photographic collages, sound poetry and institutional critiques.

  1901 Moves with his parents to Berlin.

  1905 Meets Johannes Baader.

  1908 m. Elfride Schaeffer, a violinist.

  1915 Meets and starts afair with Hannah Hoch.

  1917 Meets Richard Huelsenbeck.

  1918 Publishes Club Dada in Berlin (See magazines).

  1919 With Johannes Baader staged a "Propaganda Evening" in Cafe Austria.
    Mechanical Head.
  1920 Organized The First International Dada Fair with George Grosz and 
    John Heartfield, along with Max Ernst; featuring almost 200 works by 
    artists including Francis Picabia, Hans Arp, Max Ernst, 
    Otto Dix and Rudolf Schlichter ->, as well as key works by 
    George Grosz, Hannah Hoch and Hausmann.
    Started to practice medicine.
    Various works ->.

  1921 Hausmann, Hoch, Kurt Schwitters and his wife Helma undertook an 
    'anti-dada' tour to Prague.

  [[1922] Hoch finishes the affair.

  1920's late;  he re-invented himself as a fashionable society photographer.

  1923 m. Hedwig Mankiewitz. 

  1927 Holidays on island of Sylt with Hedwig and Vera Broido.

  1928 - 1934 lived in a menage a trois ~> with his wife Hedwig 
     and Vera Broido ~>.

  1933 Moved to Ibiza.

  1934 Vera finishes her relationship with them.
      Leaves Ibiza for Paris and works with Raoul Ubac

  1936 Enlists with Republicans in Ibiza.
      Oct. Arrives Zurich.

  1937 Expelled from Switzerland. Goes to Paris.

  1940 Marthe Prévôt moves in with them in Peyrat, Haut Vienne.

  1943 Whilest a refugee in Limouges meets and influences the young 
     Sarane Alexandrian.

  1945 Sept. Party in Limoges at house of Izis Biedermans ~>.
     Maud Westerdhal, Oscar Domínguez?, Dood Bonnaud, Maître Charlet ~>, 
     brothers Rougerie and Raoul Hausmann, Hedwig and Marthe Prévost.

  1971? d. February 1st. in Limoges

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