1232 - 1315  Mallorquian Writer and Philosopher and Arabist.
  A ghost is an absence reminiscent of things through the imagination.
  Digestion is the method by which the digestion digests the digestible.
  Significance is the revelation of secrets that are shown with the sign.
  Beauty is a certain specious form received by sight, or by hearing or by  imagination, 
  or by conception, or by delectation.
  Novelty is a method by means of which the subjest becomes habituated to new habits.
  Shadow is the habit of the loss of light.
  Creation in Eternity is the idea; creation in Time is the creature.
  Comprehension is the resemblance of the Infinite, and the apprehension of the finite.
  The mirror is a diaphanous body disposed to receive all the figures that are presented to it.

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