1880 b. Nantes April 10th.
     French painter, stage designer and illustrator.

  1897 Baccalaureat in rhetoric.

  1898 Baccalaureat of letters and Philosophy. Worked in an architect's office. 

  1905 Concentrates on painting.

  1906 First exhibits at Societe Nationale.

  1910 Roy came into contact with the Fauves and Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire.

  1913 Met and befriended Giorgio de Chirico.
     Later met Paul Eluard, Philippe Soupault, Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia 
     becoming interested in surrealism.
     He was a major influence on Joseph Cornell.

  1914 Exhibits at the Salon des Independants.

  1925 Took part in the first Surrealist exhibition alongside Giorgio de Chirico, 
     Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso.

  1926 First solo exhibition; Catalogue prefaced by Louis Aragon.

  1950 d. September 26th. Milan

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