1889? b. September 13th. in Narbonne 
   French Poet.
   One of the early Inspirations to the Surrealists.
 1910 Moves to Paris and the Bateau Lavoir.

 1916 Publishes his new magazine Nord-Sud referenced by Joan Miro. Contributions 
   by Andre Breton and Tristan Tzara.

 1917 Introduced by Guillaume Apollinaire to Philippe Soupault.

 1919 With Max Jacob opposes the publication in Litterature of the poems of 
   Isidore Ducasse by Louis Aragon and Andre Breton.

 1920 Published in Litterature.
   Jacques Doucet was a Patron. 

 1921 Starts affair with Coco Chanel.

 1924 By this time he was out of favor with the Surrealists as seen by the statement 
   in Andre Breton's Manifesto of 1924.
 1926 End of affair with affair with Coco Chanel.

 1960 d. June 17th. in Solesmes Abbey ->.

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