1893? b. Paris.
    French Writer, Political Journalist, Fascist.

 1916 Meets befriends and has brief affair with Louis Aragon.

 1917 m. Colette Jeramec a Jewish Doctor.

 1919 Contributes to Litterature.

 1921 Divorces Colette and breaks with the Surrealists
   His editor was Gallimard.

 1923 affair with Elizabeth Eyre.

 1924 Aug; Lends his house near Biarritz to Louis Aragon.
   Oct. Pays for printing of Un cadavre the iconoclastic obituary for . 
   written by Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, Paul Eluard and Philippe Soupault.

 1925 Aug; Publishes La Veritable erreur des surrealistes in the NRF.

 1927 m. Olesia Sienkiewicz.

 1929 Separates from Olesia.

 1931 Le feu follet based on the suicide of his friend Jacques Rigaut.
   See 1963 film ->

 1932 Visits Argentina. 
   Affair with Victoria Ocampo ->.

 1935 Visits Germaqny
    Witnessed the Reichsparteitag rally in Nuremberg. 

 1936 Joined the fascist Parti Populaire Français (PPF) and became the editor 
    of its review, L'Emancipation Nationale.
    Affair with 'Christiane Renault, the wife of industrialist Louis Renault, 
    and would evoke this affair in a romanticized manner in Béloukia. 

 1940 Louis Aragon breaks with him for being a collaborator.
   June; Nazi occupation of Paris. 
   Succeeds Jean Paulhan (who he twice saved from the Gestapo) as editor of the Nouvelle Revue Francaise.
   As for the NRF it's going to crawl at my feet. That pack of Jews, pederasts,
   timorous Surrealists is going to be shaken up miserably.

 1942 Honorary committee of Brecker exhibition ~>.

 1945 d. Paris. Suicide in the house of his ex wife.
   Among his affairs were Alexandra Sienkieuwiscz (2nd. wife ?) and Beloukia, 
   wife of Louis Renault.

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