1905 b. December 22nd. Pierre-Albert Espinasse in Paris. 
    French Actor and Writer.

 1923 Meets Jean Cocteau.

 1924 First film for Jean Renoir in La Fille de l'eau. 
    Meets Jacques Prevert who later writes for him.

 1925 Louis Aragon introduces him to Surrealists. 
   Here he meets Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Benjamin Peret and Raymond Queneau. 
   He developed close friendships with Pablo Picasso, and Max Jacob.

 1927 L'Ancre noire.

 1935 m. Odette Joyeux with whom he had a Claude Brasseur|son. ->.

 1943 Wrote Un ange passe. 

 1944 Wrote Sainte Cecile.  

 1945 Divorced Odette. (she later m. Philippe Agostini ->)
    Wrote L'Enfant de Pomeranie.

 1947 m. pianist Lina Magrini. 
    He later lived with the singer and actress Catherine Sauvage ->; (see also) until his death.

 1972? Published autobiography: Ma vie en vrac. 

 1976 d. August 16th. in Brunico, Italy of a heart attack.

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