1898 b. New York Aug 26th as Marguerite Guggenheim
    Art Patron and Collector.
 1912 Father drowned on the Titanic - his mistress and her maid survived.
    Tutored by activist-to-be Lucile Kohn who was a big influence.

 1919 Came of age inherited $450,000( 2004 +/- $5 million).

 1920 Moved to Europe.

 1922 m. Laurence Vail.
    Birth of son Sindbad.

 1923 Louis Aragon has an brief affair with her Sister-in-Law Clothilde Vail.

 1925 Birth of dau. Pegeen.

 1926 ? left Vial affair John Holmes; 
    Friends with Djuna Barnes, and Edwin Muir ->.

 1934 Death of John Holmes.

 1937 Brief affair with Samuel Beckett.

 1938 - 1940 London art gallery Guggenheim Jeune exhibiting Yves Tanguy, 
    Wassily Kandinsky ->, Constantin Brancusi, Henry Moore, Jean Arp, 
    Alexander Calder, Antoine Pevsner, and Rita Kernn-Larsen. 
    Assisted by Marcel Duchamp and her assistant Howard Putzel.
    Around this times she had affars with Yves Tanguy, Constantin Brancusi, 
    Julian Trevelyan and Giorgio Joyce.
    Introduced by Jean Arp to Hedda Sterne.

 1939 Visits Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington in Saint-Martin d'Ardeche. 
    Buys Carrington's The Horses of Lord Candlestick. 

 1940 June; Fled Paris to Grenoble.
    by this time she owned works by: - Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Francis Picabia, Georges Braque, 
    Juan Gris, Fernand Leger, Albert Gleizes, Louis Marcoussis, Robert Delaunay, Gino Severini, 
    Giacomo Balla, Theo von Doesburg, Piet Mondrian, Joan Miro, 
    Max Ernst, Giorgio de Chirico, Yves Tanguy, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Victor Brauner, 
    Constantin Brancusi, Jacques Lipchitz, Laurens, Antoine Pevsner, Alberto Giacometti, 
    Henry Moore, Jean Arp. 
    Summer at Lake Annecy in the French Alps.

 1941 March; Victor Brauner with whom she had recently had an affair 
    took her to meet Varian Fry. 
    She gave 400,000 francs to his Emergency Rescue Committee and she arranged 
    and paid for the escape to US for Andre Breton and Jacqueline Lamba 
    and Aube.
    April; started affair with Max Ernst.
    June; in Estoril with ex husband Laurence Vail, his wife Kay Boyle, 
    and Max Ernst, her children Pegeen & Sindbad and their friend Jacqueline 
    Ventadoor (aged 15) as well as Kay and Lawrence'€™s 12 year old daughter Apple.
    Among others she financially supported Vail, Ernst Djuna Barnes and  Emma Goldman.

 1942 Photograph in Peggy Guggenheim's New York penthouse. 
   Front Row: Stanley William Hayter, Leonara Carrington?, Frederick Kiesler, Kurt Seligmann. 
   Second Row: Max Ernst, Amedee Ozenfant, Andre Breton, Fernand Leger, Berenice Abbott. 
   Third Row: Jimmy Ernst, Peggy Guggenheim, John Ferren, Marcel Duchamp, Piet Mondrian.

 1943 Group shows at Art of this Century included Hedda Sterne.
   Her New York wartime gallery Art of this Century was a hang out for Chagal, 
   Roberto Matta, Yves Tanguy, Andre Masson, Kurt Seligmann,  
   Jackson Pollock ->, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell.
   At urging of Marcel Duchamp Art of This Century holds the Exhibition by 31 Women.
   Dec. Pollack completes mural -> for her townhouse.

 1949 Settles in Venice, establishing the Peggy Guggenheim Collection ->.

 1979 Dec. 23rd. d. Camposampiero near Padua.

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