1879 Apr. 20th b. Paris.
    French fashion designer.
    His contributions to twentieth-century fashion have been likened to Picasso's 
    contributions to twentieth-century art.

 1898 Started as an apprentice with Jacques Ducet?.

 1903 established his couterie house.

 1911 Photos of his gowns by Edward Steichen appear in the magazine Art et D├ęcoration.

 1921 After being introduced by Gabriella Piciaba Commissions Man Ray to photograph his designs.  
    Just make your fashion pictures different.

    Acquainted with the composer Georges Auric.
    Encouraged Elsa Schiaparelli to open her own business.
    Bronia Perlmutter modelled his clothes.

 1919 business nearly bankrupt after the war.

 1926 Employs Germaine Krull for publicity pictures. see Study ->.

 1929 Closed his business.

 1944 Apr. 30th. d. Paris. in Poverty.
    Elsa Schiaparelli paid for his funeral.

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