1889? b. May 11th.  
   English landscape Painter, surrealist and war artist.
   He was the older brother of the artist John Nash ->.
   Educated at St. Paul's School.

 1910 His mother died in a mental home. 
   Becomes friends with Ben Nicholson -> and Dora Carrington ->. 
   Begins lifelong correspondence with the poet Gordon Bottomley ->.

 1911 Slade School of Art, where he met Stanley Spencer, Mark Gertler, 
   William Roberts, Rupert Lee and C. R. W. Nevinson. 
   Influenced by the work of William Blake.

 1912 + 1913 One-man shows.

 1914 m. Margaret Odeh, Oxford-educated campaigner for Women's Suffrage.
   Meets Sir Edward Marsh who becomes patron of his work. Through him, 
   Nash meets Rupert Brooke ->, WH Davies -> 
   and Siegfried Sassoon ->. 
   Enlists in the Artists' Rifles. 
   Whenever possible, Nash made sketches of life in the trenches. 

 1917 Appointed an official war artist and travels to the Western Front to 
   record the aftermath of the Battle of Passchendaele ->. 
   He was invalided home. 
   While recuperating in London, Nash worked from his sketches to produce a series 
   of war paintings.
   Unhappy with his work as a member of War Propaganda Bureau. He wrote
   I am no longer an artist. I am a messenger who will bring back word 
   from the men who are fighting to those who want 
   the war to go on for ever. Feeble, inarticulate will be my message, but it 
    will have a bitter truth and may it burn their lousy souls.

 1922 Moved to the small Kent coastal town of Dymchurch.
   Commissioned by TE Lawrence -> to provide illustrations for 
   The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. 
   Makes first visit to Paris in December. 
   Encountered the  works of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso and  
   Giorgio de Chirico.

 1925 Spends winter in the south of France and then travels to Italy. 
   Moves to Oxenbridge Cottage, Iden, Sussex.

 1927 Cover design and illustrations for Siegfried Sassoon's Nativity ->.

 1928 Visits Normandy with Margaret as she recovers from illness.

 1929 Paints Northern Adventure ->.

 1930 Visits Paris with Edward Burra.

 1931 Helped organize exhibition Recent Developments in British Painting 
   at Tooth's.
   Starts photography. 
   Visits USA as part of jury for Carnegie International Award  in Pittsburgh.

 1932 Designs a glass bathroom for the dancer Tilly Losch, the wife of arts 
   patron Edward James.

 1933 Co-founded the modern art movement Unit One Group with fellow 
   artists Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth ->, Ben Nicholson, Tristram Hillier, 
   Francis Hodgkins ->,    Edward Wadsworth Herbert Read, John Armstrong, 
   Edward Burra, John Selby Bigge, Wells Coates. 
   Fred Mayor put his gallery at their disposal.

 1933 Nash fell seriously ill.

 1934 Begins affair with Eileen Agar.

 1936 Almost died from an asthma attack. Moves to London.
   On the committee of the London International Surrealist Exhibition
   Sept; Signed Declaration on Spain.

 1939 Contributes to The London Bulletin; moves to Oxford.

 1940 Official war artist. Starts painting .

 1943 Reads James Frazer's The Golden Bough -> which 
   has a powerful effect on his work.

 1944 Paul Nash by Herbert Read, the first of the Penguin Modern 
   Painters series, is published.

 1946 d. July 11th. of heart failure at Boscombe, Dorset.  
   Buried in Langley Church, Buckinghamshire.

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