1886 b Dec 30th in London near the Holborn Viaduct.

    English Painter, Draughtsman and occultist and Outsider.

 1904 Exhibited at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

 1905 Wrote and illustrated his first grimoire called Earth Inferno.

 1906 Created a tarot deck ~>. (See also ~>.

 1907 Portrait of the Artist.
    Meets Aleister Crowley who announced himself as the 
    "Vice-regent of God upon Earth".
    "You look more like an Italian ponce out of work," came Spare's rejoinder.
    Published A Book of Satyrs.
    First exhibition at Bruton Gallery.
    His inventive faculty is stupendous and terrifying in its creative flow of impossible horrors …

 1911 m. Eily Gertrude Shaw.

 1912 falling out with Crowley.

 1913 Self-published 
    The Book of Pleasure (Self Love): The Psychology of Ecstasy.

 1916 - 1921 Funded and Edited FORM ~> magazine with first Frederick Carter aka 
     Francis Marsden~>, and then WH Davies~>.
     Contributers:  Sidney Sime, Robert Graves, Herbert Furst, Laura Knight, 
     Brangwyn, Glyn Philpot, Edith Sitwell, Walter de la Mare, J.F.C. Fuller, 
     Havelock Ellis, John Nash, Paul Nash, William Nicholson, 
     Siegfried Sassoon, Edmund J. Sullivan, Harold Massingham, Aldous Huxley,  
     Walter Sickert, Arnold Bennett, Edward Thomas, James Guthrie,Arthur Waley, 
     Frank Brangwyn, Ludovic Rodo, Edward Wadsworth, Walter Spradbury, 
     Claude Lovat Fraser.
     Vol 1 ~> and See also ~>.

 1917 Conscripted into the Royal Army Medical Corps.

 1918 sent abroad under the British War Memorial Committee program.
     Operating in a Regimental Aid Post ~>.
     Marriage ended.

 1924 Began experimenting with automatic drawing and writing,

 1921 The Focus of Life was published.

 1922 edits Golden Hind magazine with Clifford Bax ~>. 
     See article ~>.

 1925  Published The Anathema of Zos. 

 1926 Relationship / courting Ada Pain ~>.

 1930 “Experiments in Relativity”. at Godfrey Phillips Gallery.

 1932 Jokes with Hannen Swaffer ~> that he was contemplating “the gas oven”. 

 1936 Set of Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards ~>.
    Exhibition at his Walworth Road studio with a catalogue essay by Oswell Blakeston.

    Declines to paint Hitler's portrait.

 1938 Esoteric Brotherhood~>.

 1941 His studio in Walworth Road receives a direct hit in the Blitz.
    Moves into home of Ada Pain in Brixton.

 1956 May 15th. d. London of appendicitis complicaations,

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