1921 b. Manchester.
    English Painter and Publisher.

 1939 With his family moved to Birmingham.

 1946 Studying part-time at the Birmingham School of Art and the Ruskin School 
    and becoming an associate of Conroy Maddox and the Birmingham Surrealists.

 1947 Founder member of the Birmingham Artists Committee.

 1948 Moved to Oxford to continue his studies at The Ruskin.

 1949 Sept; went to Paris with Desmond Morris to find "roots" of surrealism.

 1950 Established himself as a publisher and photographer.

 1951 Founded the Fantasy Press publishing works by poets such as Philip Larkin ->, 
    Kingsley Amis -> and Thom Gunn. 

 1969? - 1973 he was a lecturer in photography at Exeter College of Art.

 1978? Exhibited the Conroy Maddox Show Surrealism Unlimited.

 2005? d. 

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