1906 b. Jan 3rd. in San Cristabal de La Laguna on the island of Tenerife. 
   Spanish  Painter.
   Son of wealthy merchant, Started painting at an early age.
   Suffered a serious illness which affected his growth and caused a progressive 
   deformation of his facial bone frame and limbs.
 1927 First trip to Paris as his father's agent.
   Early work influenced by Yves Tanguy and Pablo Picasso.

 1931 After father's death had to earn living as illustrator.
   Self-portrait full of premonition as he showed himself with a deformed hand and 
   with the veins of his arm cut.

 1932 Meets Georges Hugnet.

 1933 Met Andre Breton and Paul Eluard. 
   Visited Tenerife with his girlfriend Roma a Polish pianist who was to be   
   executed by the Nazis in the War. 

 1934 Admitted into Surrealist fold by Breton.  
   Surrealist exhibition in Paris.
   Electrosexual Sewing Machine ~>  from Lautreamont.

 1935 On behalf of Gaceta de arte and Eduardo Westerdahl organizes 
   the Exposicion Surrealista in Tenerife, which is visited by Andre Breton, 
   Jacqueline Lamba and Benjamin Peret.
   July and August spent in Barcelona with Marcel Jean, Remedios Varo y 
   Esteban Frances. 
   A series of Cadavre Exquis
   Writes to Georges Hugnet.

 1936 Surrealist exhibition in London, Paris  and Tenerife. 
   Worked with Max Ernst; Meets Wifredo Lam.

 1937 Painting The Infernal Machine. 
   Friends with Jacques Herold
   Forged and sold works attributed to Giorgio de Chirico in collaboration 
   with Remedios Varo.
   Cadavre Exquis with Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber, and Marcel Jean 
 1938 January; exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme? at the 
   Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris; organized by Andre Breton & Marcel Duchamp. 
   Affair with Marcelle Ferry. 
   Throws bottle at painter Esteban Frances which instead hits 
   Victor Brauner taking out his eye.

 1940 In Marseille contacts Varian Fry to try to escape to America.
   He is part of the group at Villa Air-Bel which makes cards for the 
   Marseille Card Game together with  Andre Breton, Victor Brauner, 
   Max Ernst, Jacques Herold, Wifredo Lam, Andre Masson, 
   Jacqueline Lamba; (Frederic Delanglade not used). 
   MeetsHans Bellmer.

 1941 Part of neo-surrealist group of La Main a Plume. 
   Fall out with Breton.

 1940's friendship with Pablo Picasso, whose paintings he forged during 
   the war

 1945 m. Maud Bonneaud.

 1946 Photograph ~> by Horst P Horst ~>.

 1947 June, with Maud in London they spend time with Valentine Penrose. 

 1950Jan. with Maud visits Roland Penrose at Farley Farm.
   Separates from Maud. 
   Affair with Nadine Effront who he meets in Belgium.

 1952 Affair with Marie-Laure de Noailles. 

 1957 James Lord reveals to Marie-Laure that during this period Dominguez 
   replaced some of her Picasso's with forgeries he  (Dominguez) had done himself, 
   selling the originals. 
   It is also suspected he forged works by Paul Klee, Fernand Leger, 
   and Jean-Paul Laurens. 

   Dec. 31st. d. Paris. Suicide, slitting his wrists in the bath.
   Marie-Laure arranges for his burial in the Bischoffsheim family mausoleum 
   in the Montparnasse cemetery.

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