1936 b. April 11th. in Buenos Aires.
     Sometimes known as Belen.
     Argentine French Film Maker and Writer.
 1953 Went to Paris to represent an Argentine cinema at an international gathering of 
     film archivists 
     Finding work as a correspondent for Argentinian film magazines she remained in France. 

 1954 Began assisting and collaborating with noted director Abel Gance ->.
     Friends with Theodor Fraenkel.

 1955 Publishes Manifeste d'un art nouveau: la Polyvision prefaced by Philippe Soupault.

 1956 Meets Andre Breton at an exhibition of pre columbian art. 
     He romances her for 6 months.

 1961 Series of art shorts Gustave Moreau, the painter, co-narrated by Andre Breton. 
     Rudolphe Bresdin, the engraver. 
     Dessins et merveilles, on the sketchbooks of Victor Hugo. 
     Les annees 25, La Nouvelle Orangerie; Abel Gance hier et demain. 
     A la source, la femme aimee, based on the secret notebooks of the  Andre Masson.

 1965 Publishes Le Reservoir des Sens preface Philippe Soupault, about the 
     erotic drawings of Andre Masson.

 1967  Le Regard Picasso. 
     Kaplan earned a Golden Lion award at the Venice Film festival. 

 1969? Very Curious Girl. (La Fiancee du Pirate) - Video ->.
     Pablo Picasso - He remained her loyal fan, proclaimed it to be ''insolence raised 
     to the status of a fine art''.

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