1864? March 4th. b. Johanna Ey  
   Art Dealer from Dusseldorf who was a Patron for the avant-garde.
 1910 Middle aged and divorced, she opened a bakery in the proximity of the Dusseldorf 
   Academy of Arts.

 1916 Closed the cafe and opened a gallery.
   Among her protegees were Paul Klee, Adler, Otto Dix, Barlach, Max Ernst, 
   Nolde, Rohlfs, Kadinsky, Kokoschka, and Jawlensky.

 1924 Portrait -> by Otto Dix.

 1930 Photograph -> by Robert Pudlich.

 1934 Closed the Gallery; most of her artists had been denounced as degenerates ->.

 1947 Aug. 27th. d. Dusseldorf

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