1882? b. December 27th. in London as Mina Gertrude Lawry 
   Artist, poet, playwright, novelist, Futurist, actress, Christian Scientist,
   designer of lamps and bohemian extraordinaire. 
   Her mother Julia Bryan was English, and her father Sigmund Lawry was a Hungarian. 
 1899? Moved to Munich and studied painting for two years. 

 1901 Returned to London, she continued to study painting, once having Augustus John -> 
   as a teacher. 

 1903 In Paris m. Stephen Haweis who studied with her at the Acadamie Colarossi.

 1904 Started calling herself Mina Loy when she exhibited six watercolor paintings 
   at the Salon d'Automne..  
   Regular at Gertrude Stein's salon, where she met many of the leading avant-garde 
   artists and writers of the day including Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso, 
   and Henri Rouseau ->. 
   During her three years in Paris developed lifelong friendships with Gertrude Stein 
   and Djuna Barnes.

 1907 Loy and Haweis moved to Florence where they lived more or less separate lives.
   They had two more children: Joella in 1907 and Giles in 1909?. 
   Associated with the Futurists having an affair with Filippo Marinetti. 
   Attending gatherings held at Mabel Dodge's villa, she networked with 
   expatriates from Manhattan. 
   Among this group were journalist and communist John Reed, and Carl Van Vechten 
   who would eventually become her agent. 
   In early World War I, Loy would serve in an army hospital.

 1914 "Aphorisms on Futurism" was published in Alfred Stieglitz's Camera Work. 
   "Parturition", her graphic depiction of childbirth, was printed in Trend.

 1915 July; Loy began to write what would be later known as "Songs to Joannes". 

 1916 Consider Your Grandmother's Stays. 
   Left her children with a nurse and moved to New York to began acting with the 
   Provincetown Players. 
   She was a key figure in the group which also included Man Ray, 
   William Carlos Williams?, Marcel Duchamp, and Marianne Moore. 
   She also became a Christian Scientist. 
   Met the 'poet-boxer' Arthur Cravan self-styled Dadaist and fugitive 
   from conscription.  
   Returned to Florence.
   Cravan fled to Mexico to avoid the draft; 
   When Loy's divorce was final she followed him, and they married in Mexico City. 
   Once Loy became pregnant, the couple realized they needed to leave Mexico. 
   A few months later, Cravan set sail for Buenos Aires in a small yacht as Loy 
   watched from the beach. 
   He sailed over the horizon and disappeared without a trace, never to be seen again. 
   The tale of his disappearance is strongly anecdotal, as recounted by Loy's 
   biographer, Carolyn Burke. 

 1917 Contributes to The Blind Man.

 1919  Apr. Their daughter Fabienne was born.
   Loy returned to Florence and her other children. 

 1920 Went again to New York. 
   Friendships with the Ezra Pound, Tristan Tzara, and Jane Heap.

 1923 Returned to Paris and, with the backing of Peggy Guggenheim, started 
   a lampshade business
   She picked up old friendships with Djuna Barnes and Gertrude Stein. 
   She would continue to write and grow close with Hilda Doolittle -> (aka H.D) and 
   her lover Bryher.

 1929 Her daughter Joella married Julien Levy, and Constantin Brancusi 
   was best men.

 1930 Mina gave up the lampshade business and started working for her son-in-law 
   Julien Levy as the Paris agent for his New York gallery.

 1936 Loy returned to New York.
   She moved to the Bowery, where she became interested in the Bowery bums, writing 
   poems and creating found art collages on them.  
   Around this times she met Joseph Cornell.

 1946 Became a naturalized citizen of the United States. 

 1951 Exhibited her Bowery "constructions" in New York.

 1953 Moved to Aspen, Colorado, where her daughters Joella and Fabienne were 
   already living; 
   Joella had married the Bauhaus artist and typographer Herbert Bayer. 

 1958? Lunar Baedeker & Time Tables 1959 at the Bodley Gallery in 1959. 
   Loy also wrote a novel, Insel, which was published posthumously.

 1966 d.September 25th. in Aspen, Colorado

   See Carolyn Burke in conversation -> with Pam Brown about Mina Loy 
   and Daughters of Dada ->.

   Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy - Carolyn Burke.

   The Lost Lunar Baedeker Poems of Mina Loy.

   See Timeline