1910 b. Cardiff.
    Welsh, Painter Printmaker, Sculptor and Teacher.

 1927 - 1931 Studied at the Glasgow School of Art.

 1932 - 1934 Studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Study visits 
    to Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Italy. 

 1934 - 1936 Further studied under Stanley William Hayter in Paris.

 1936 Exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London.

 1938 - 1942 he moved to Durban, South Africa; teaching.
    m. Phyllis Sullivan art teacher.

 1945 Present at the public exhibition of Mussolini's corpse; resulting in The Execution.
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 1951 The Chess Players   
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   (Purchased 1986 by Jeffrey Sherwin)
 1965-1973 Taught at the Royal College of Art
 1973 d. London

   Had a son Eldred Evans, an architect ->.
   See bio ->.

   The Political Paintings of Merlyn Evans 1930-1950. - The Tate Gallery, 1985.
   Merlyn Evans - Mel Gooding (Oct 2010)

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