1876 b. July 12th. in Quimper, Brittany.
   French poet, painter, writer, and critic.
   He is regarded as an important link between the symbolists and the surrealists.
 1901 Shares his studio with  Pablo Picasso when first arrived from Barcelona.

 1907 Meets Marie Laurencin
   Coins Bateau Lavoir as the name for the artists area in Montmartre.

 1909 Vision of Christ, coverts to catholicism.

 1910 Pablo Picasso gives him four lithographs for his book Saint Matorel.

 1911 Friends with Guillaume Apollinaire.

 1913 Met Giorgio de Chirico.

 1914 Meets Jean Arp Friendship with [[Rene Iche].

 1915 Pablo Picasso paints a picture representing Jacob which he (Picasso) 
   later gives to Dora Maar.
   Contributes to 291.

 1918 Friendship with Jean Dubuffet.

 1919 Contributes to first edition of Litterature.
   With Pierre Reverdy opposes the publication of the poems of Isidore Ducasse.

 1920 Introduced to Tristan Tzara.
   Introduced to Georges Hugnet.
 Jacques Doucet was a Patron.

 1921 Meets Antonin Artaud.
   Introduces Elie Lascaux -> to the dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

 1922 Contributes to L'Oeuf dur with Pierre Naville and Philippe Soupault. 
   Friends with Roland Tual. Encourages Michel Leiris to write.

 1924 Part of the milieu at the apartment of Andre Masson.   
   Friendship with Joan Miro.

 1925 Friendship with Pierre Brasseur.

 1931 Meets Leonor Fini at Cafe Deux Magots.

 1937 Advises Rene Iche to place his daughter Laurence Iche in a 
   Benedictine convent.

 1944 d. March 5th. in the transit camp of Drancy after his arrest by the Nazis.

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