1912 b. May 14th. in London of Australian Parents
   Writer Poet.
   Educated England , Switzerland, France

 1933 In Paris met Juan Brea; cuban militant trotskyist.
   Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Rene Magritte,Yves Tanguy, Benjamin Peret, Victor Brauner, 
   Oscar Dominguez, Marcelle Ferry, Bohuslav Brouk, Jindrich Heisler and Toyen.
   Visited Bucharest, Brussels, Prague.

 1934 Visited Bucharest meeting Victor Brauner then on to Greece.
   In Brussels they met .

 1936 Fighting in Spain; She edited the POUM's ->  English language newspaper.
   Dec; returned to France after death threats.

 1937 m. Brea.
   Wrote and published Red Spanish Notebook in conjunction Brea; praised by George Orwell. 
   Online edition

 1938 - 1939 living in Prague. 
   Published the joint work of Poetry La saison des fletes,
    almost daily meetings with Toyen, Karel Teige,Jindrich Heisler 
   Bohuslav Brouk and others in the Prague Surrealist Group.

 1940 Went to Cuba.

 1941 Death of Brea (aged 35).

 1943 La verdad contemporanea published with preface by Benjamin Peret.

 1944 m. Armando Machado.

 1947 Book of poety Alquimia del recuerdo ("Alchemy of Memory") illustrated by Wifredo Lam.

 1965 Moved to Sydney.

 1967 Moved to Miami.

 1981? Death of Machado.

 1994? Where the Wolf Sings poems and collages published by Franklin Rosemont 
    and Penelope Rosemont Black Swan press.

 2007? d. January 09th. in Miami.

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