1906 b. French painter.
    Sister of Screenwriter Jean Aurenche -> 
    who had a small part in Luis Bunuel's L'Age D'or.
 1927 m. Max Ernst.

 1928 The couple join Roland Penrose and Valentine Penrose in the S. 
    of France and Valentine becomes a close friend.

 1929 Photomaton -> with her brother and Max.

 1930 Jimmy Ernst spends the Summer with them in Paris.
    Portrait of Andre Breton; collaboration with Max   
    Augments the household income by knitting dresses occasionally for 
    Elsa Schiaparelli.
    Writes to Joe Bousquet.

 1931 Photograph ~> of Mary Berthe, Max, Lee Miller, Man Ray.    
    Max and Marie Berthe and Valentine Hugo Take a trip to the Midi.

 1933 befriends Louise Straus.
    Splits with Max Ernst.

 1934 Befriends Brion Gysin introducing him to, among others, 
    Valentine Hugo, Leonor Fini, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso 
    and Dora Maar.

  1940 Becomes the mistress of Chaim Soutine ->.

  1941 They fled from Paris and moved to a farmhouse in Champigny-sur-Vuede 
    at Chinon.

  1943 Death of Chaim.

  1960 d. Paris. Suicide.
    Buried next to Chaim in the Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris.

    See Tumblir ->

    See: Karoline Hille: Gefährliche Musen. Frauen um Max Ernst. 
    Edition Ebersbach, Berlin 2007.

    See Timeline