1902 b October 31st. Marie-Laure Henriette Anne Bischoffsheim.
   One of her great-great-great-grandfathers was the Marquis de Sade. 
   She was one of the 20th century's most daring and influential patrons of the arts, 
   noted for her associations with Balthus, Jean Hugo, Jean-Michel Frank 
   and others.
 1922 Affair with Jean Cocteau.

 1923 m. Arthur Anne Marie Charles, Vicomte de Noailles.
   Built a home ~> above Hyeres called St Bernard, 
   designed by architect Mallet-Stevens. 
   The terraced gardens were decorated with sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, 
   Laurens, Lipchitz, and Zadkine. 

 1929 With her husband financed Man Ray's film 
   Les Mysteres du Chateau de De and Francis Poulenc's Aubade.

 1930 With her husband financed Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali's film 
  L'Ãge d'or and Jean Cocteau's The Blood of a Poet.
   Discovering her husband in bed another man, she embarked on a series of affairs 
   while remaining the greatest of friends with him. 
   Many of her lovers were also gay.
   Her first affair was with the art collector and patron Edward James.

 1933 Started affair with the composer Igor Markevitch ex lover of 
   Sergei Diaghilev.
   Patron to Balthus. 

 1935 Photographed by Dora Maar; an enduring friendship ensued.

 1936 Portrait ~> by Man Ray
    Affair with Michel Petitjean  editor ofLa Flèche.
    She was now referred to as the Red Viscountess.

 1938 Affair with cellist Maurice Gendron; for whom she bought a 
   Photo ~>] by Cecil Beaton ~>.

 1939 Publishes La Tour de Babel.

 1940 Joined an Ambulance unit.
   During the war she had an affair with a German Officer which became 
   public when a car in which she was traveling him and Georges Auric was 
   involved in an accident, breaking her nose.
   Held in a camp for 24 days cossing into Lausanne.

 1943 Dining with Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar at Catalan when he 
   met the painter Francoise Gilot.

 1950 The Paris mansion had paintings by Goya, Rubens, Braque, Prudhon,
   Pablo Picasso, Balthus, Chagall, Degas, Gericault, Watteau, 
   Giorgio de Chirico, Delacrix, Klee, van Dyck, Rembrandt, Simone Martini.

 1952 Affair with Oscar Dominguez. 

   By this time her portrait had been done by Pablo Picasso, Balthus, 
   Salvador Dali, Eugene Berman, Berard, Fernandez, Marie Laurencin, 
   Fenosa ->, and Alberto Giacometti.

 1954 Aug. James Lord stays at Hyeres.

 1957 James Lord reveals to Marie-Laure that during this period Dominguez 
   replaced some of her Picasso's with forgeries he had done himself, selling the 
   Suicide of Dominguez.

 1958? After death of Dominguez she had brief affairs with Piero Graziani 
   and Felix Labisse among others.
   However her lover until her death was [[|Jean Lafont a bull 
   breeder from the  Camargue.

 1970 Jan. Lunch with James Lord, Jean Lafont, Man Ray, 
   Juliet Browner.
   d. January 29th. Paris. 
   Buried in the Bischoffsheim family mausoleum in the Montparnasse cemetery.

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