1904 b. Caen
    French Poet
    m. to a Garage owner.
    moved to Paris and moved in with Georges Hugnet.

 1932 Joined the Surrealists.

 1933 Sept.  affair with Andre Breton.

 1934 May, visits Belgium with Breton.
    Questions and Answers -> with Andre Breton, Alberto Giacometti, and Georges Hugnet.

    Portrait by Victor Brauner. 
    (See ->).

 1938 affair with Oscar Dominguez.
    Published L'Ille d'un jour illustrated by Yves Tanguy.
     with Tanguy dedicated to Jeannette Tanguy ->.

 1940 c. m. Jean Ferry.
 (born Levy) ->.

 1947 June; signed the Inaugural Break manifesto signalling the rupture with the Communists.

 1974? death of Jean Ferry.

 1985? d.

    See wiki (Fr) ->.

    See Timeline