1920 b. April 29th. in Antwerp.
   Belgian Writer Photographer, collagist, filmmaker, 
   poet, essayist, and maker of objects.
 1937 Starts correspondence with Rene Magritte and goes to Brussels to meet with him.
    Participated in the group exhibition Surrealist Objects and Poems in the London Gallery.

 1939 Signed up; captured made PoW, released.

 1940 Collaborated in in the collective works of Rene Magritte and Raoul Ubac.
    Founded a publishing house L'Aguille Amantee, publishing Moralite du Sommeil by 
    Christian Dotremont and Paul Eluard with illustrations by Rene Magritte;
    Published Gilbert Senecaux L'Erection experimentale.
 1941 After nine months of captivity, he was released in Antwerp, and traveled to Brussels 
    by bicycle where he found Rene Magritte, Paul Nouge, Louis Scutenaire, Raoul Ubac 
    and met Christian Dotremont
    met Elisabeth Altenloh his love for the next ten years. 

 1942 Frequently went to Paris clandestinely selling forged paintings by Rene Magritte of Renoir, 
    Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, and Giorgio de Chirico.
    and met Raymond Queneau, Michel Leiris, and Oscar Dominguez 1.

 1943 Wrote and published the very first monograph on Rene Magritte.

 1945 First photograph with a distinctive personal vision, De Sade a  Lenine. 
    Started to publish, with Rene Magritte a series of  booklets 
    The Imbecile, The Bloody Nuisance and The Enculor. 
    Edited and published La Terre n'est pas une valle de larmes with contibutions from 
    Andre Breton, Rene Char, Paul Colinet, Oscar Dominguez, Christian Dotremont, 
    Paul Eluard, Irene Hamoir, Rene Magritte, Pablo Picasso, Raymond Queneau, 
    Louis Scutenaire,and Raoul Ubac. 

 1946 and 1947 he contributed to the collection, The Inaccurate Mirror.

 1947 Photographed with Rene Magritte, Louis Scutenaire, Paul Nouge and Noel Arnaud 
    at the Congress of communist writers, Antwerp ->.

 1948 Ran a secondhand bookhop in Brussels With the Mirror by Elizabeth.

 1953  with Camille Goemans, Gerard Van Bruaene, Irene Hamoir,  Georgette Magritte, , 
    Louis Scutenaire, Rene Magritte and Paul Colinet.  
    Directed his review Le Ciel Bleu with Christian Dotremont and Paul Colinet
    Met Jane Graverol who became his partner.
    Involved in distributing false bank notes on the Belgian coast possibly with the 
    assistance of Magritte and his brother.

 1954 worked with Jane Graverol and Paul Nouge, on the review Les Levres Nues 
    (The naked Lips), a subversive, anticlerical and stalinist review.
 1959 produced and directed the film, L'Imitation du cinema ->  which was 
    banned in USA in spite of support from the Kinsey Institute ->. 
 1962? With Leo Dohmen published a pamphlet “ La Grande Baissee, 
    for a major retrospective of the work of Magritte at Knokke Casino 
    purportedly written 
    by Magritte and announcing absurd price reductions of the master's work.
    Moved to New York.

 1965 Finally moved back to Brussels. 
    Around this period met Hedwige Benedix.

 1973 Crystal Blinkers translated into English and published by John Lyle.

 1979  Published L'Activite Surrealistes en Belgique a chronological record 
    of all the documents, manifestos, tracts and articles pertaining to the group 
    that appeared between 1924 and 1950.

 1982 death  of his companion Hedwige Benedix.

 1985? publishes Women Ajar see pdf -> The English edition was destroyed by Customs.

 1993? d. September 19th. in Brussels. 

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  1 See "La Reproduction Interdite: Rene Magritte and Forgery" by Patricia Allmer in pdf ->.

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