1900 Sept 25th. b. Brussels 
  Belgian Writer and Poet.
  Associated with the Belgian Surrealist Group.

 1918 Introduced to Dada and eastern philosophy by Clement Pansaers.

 1922 Meets Rene Magritte.

 1923 Introduces Rene Magritte to Giorgio de Chirico’s The Song of Love
    in the pages of the review Les Feuilles libres. 

 1925 Applications illustrated by Rene Magritte.

 1924 Founded a group named Correspondence with Paul Nouge and 
     Camille Goemans and from which he was excommunicated the following year.

 1946 With Marcel Lecompte publishes Bruno Capacci 
     - Trente reproductions de tableaux et un portrait du peintre.

 1947 Portrait ~> by Rachael Baes?.

 1948 Publishes book about work of Rachael Baes?.

 1949 Meets Jane Graverol. 

 1952 Contributes to Rene Magritte's magazine La Carte d’après nature.

 1966 Nov. 19th. d. Brussels.

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