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 1902 Feb. 4th. b. Mexico City.  
   Mexican Photographer  

 1925 m.  Lola Alvarez Bravo.

 1927 Meets Tina Modotti who introduced him to Edward Weston ->.

 1931 Photographs -> Frida Kahlo.

 1934 Separates from Lola.
   Exhibition in Mexico City with Henri Cartier-Bresson.

 1938 Meets Andre Breton who wants
   La buena fama dormida. (censored by the Mexican government) for the Catalogue
   of the following year's Exposición Surrealista Internacional.
 1939 Meets Wolfgang Paalen
   Photographs -> Breton, Diego Rivera and Trotsky.

 1942 m Doris Heyden ->.
   Contributes to DYN #2

 1962? m. Colette Álvarez Urbajtel->.

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