1232 - 1315  Ramon Llull Mallorquian Writer and Philosopher and Arabist.

 1929 Len Lye visits Robert Graves -> and Laura Riding ->, see also -> in Deya.

 1933 Wols and his wife Grety Dabija visit.
    Joan Miro married, lived and died on the island.

 1935 Erica Brausen visited Miro, and ran a bar, she helped 
    Michel Leiris and his wife to escape to Marseilles.

 1940 Anais Nin has a chapter Mallorca in Delta of Venus -> published posthumously.

 1958? Ruthven Todd lived on the island  until his death 1978?.

 1960 Arrival in Deia of Esteban Frances and his wife Anne. He continued 
    to live in Deia until his death in 1976.

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