1934 b. Arles
    French Photographer

  1947 First Camera.

  1953 First meets Pablo Picasso. Visits Spain.
    First photographs published.

  1955 Visits Picasso in Cannes.
    Discovers Manitas de Plata -> in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

  1957 Provides photos for new edition of Paul Eluard's  Corps mémorable ->.
    with poems by Jean Cocteau.
    Max Ernst becomes his first collector purchasing Flamants morts dans les sables ->.

  1958?  discovers the "Nude, (Charis, Santa Monica)", 1936 by Edward Weston ->.

  1961 Edward Steichen invites him to be part of the exhibition Diogenes with a 
    camera N° 5 at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.

  1962? Accompanies Oscar Niemeyer -> to Brazil, photographing Brasilia.

  1963 m. Yolande Wartel.

  1965 Working in the marshes in the Camargue. Meets the poet Saint John Perse ->.

  1970 Directed Picasso: War, Peace and Love -> for Pablo Picasso. 
    The soundtrack was by Manitas de Plata (Fr) ->.

  2014? Nov. 15th. d. Arles.

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