1905 b. June 29th. in Ollignies. 
    Belgian Writer and Poet.
 1916 Began writing.
   Excluded from several schools.

 1919 Contracted Pleurisy; invalided for several years.

 1924 Studied medecine.

 1926 Met Paul Nouge to whom he forwarded his poems, then Camille Goemans,
   Rene Magritte and .

 1928 M Irene Hamoir.

 1930 m. Irene Hamoir.

 1941 Re-meets Marcel Marien.

 1945 First volume My Inscriptions published on the proposal of Paul Eluard
   with the support of Jean Paulhan and Raymond Queneau..

 1947 Photographed with Rene Magritte, Marcel Marien, Paul Nouge and Noel Arnaud at 
   the Congress of communist writers, Antwerp.
 1953 Photographed with Marcel Marien, Camille Goemans, Gerard Van Bruaene, 
   Irene Hamoir    Georgette Magritte, , Rene Magritte 
   and Paul Colinet 
 1987? d. August 15th. Brussels. 20 years to the day after Magritte’s demise.

   Scutenaire and Hamoir had lived surrounded by around one-hundred of Magritte's 
   works, and these were given in legacy to the Royal Museums of Fine Art of Belgium 
   after Irene'€™s death.

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