1898 b. October 18th. as Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer.
     Austrian singer and actress.
  1924 Meets and begins relationship with Kurt Weill.

  1926 Jan; m. Weill.

  1927 Performs in a work by Weill, Mahagonny ->, singing the role of Jessie.
     Also performs in short operas by Ernst Toch, Paul Hindemith, and Darius Milhaud.

  1928 Premiere of The Threepenny Opera.

  1931 Filming in Russia.

  1932 Starts affair with the singer Otto Pasetti.

  1933 flees to Paris.
     June; Performs in London with Tilly Losch in Brecht-Weill collaboration 
     The Seven Deadly Sins sponsored by Edward James.
     Sept; divorced. Leaves for Italy and Pasetti.

  1934 June; moves to Weill's house in Paris.

  1935 Brief affair with Max Ernst.
     Sept; Leaves with Weill to America.

  1936 June; brief affair with Paul Green.
  1937 Jan. Remarried Weill.
  1941 Occasional affair with Howard Schwartz (until his death 1943).

  1950 Weill dies of heart attack in New York.
     Starts relation ship with George Davis.

  1951 m. George Davis.

  1955 Visits W. Germaney; crosses to the East to visit Brecht -> (See wiki ->).

  1962? Aug; Forms the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music as a non-profit corporation.
     m. Russell Detwiler in London.

  1963 April-July; films From Russia with Love as Rosa Kleb. 

  1966 Originated the role of Fraulein Schneider in the original Broadway cast 
     of the musical Cabaret ->. 

  1981 d. November 27th. in New York of cancer.

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    Lenya - A Life by Daniel Spoto.

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