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 1919 - 1924 Paris. 20 numbers; new series, 13 numbers.
   Edited by Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, and Philippe Soupault. 

   March. No. 1. Andre Gide, Paul Valery, Leon Paul Fargue, Andre Salmon, 
   Max Jacob, Pierre Reverdy, Blaise Cendrars, Jean Paulhan, 
   Louis Aragon, Andre Breton.

   No.2 Andre Breton, Isidore Ducase, Guillaume Apollinaire, 
   Jules Romains, Tristan Tzara, Philippe Soupault, Louis Aragon, 
   Bernard Fay, Darius Milhaud, Georges Auric.

   No. 3.  Stephane Mallarme, Pierre Reverdy, Paul Morand, Pierre Reveran, 
   Paul Eluard, Isidore Ducase. 

     No 4.  Arthur Rimbaud, Max Jacob, Louis Aragon, Raymond Radiguet, 
   Andre Breton, Pindare, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Guiseppi Ungaretti ->, 
   Pierre Reverdy, Philippe Soupault.

   No. 5. Jacques Vache, Henri Rousseau, Tristan Tzara, Maurice Raynal, 
   Paul Eluard, Philippe Soupault, Raymond Radiguet.

   No. 6. Aug.  Charles Cros, Jacques Vache,  Max Jacob, Blaise Cendrars, 
   Paul Morand, Louis Aragon, Philippe Soupault, Bernard Fay, Tristan Tzara.

    No. 13 Signatories to the 23 manifestoes of the Dada movement.

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