1917 b. April 6th  Clayton Green, near Chorley, Lancashire.
    English born  Painter, Sculptor and Writer.
    Bought up at Crookhey Hall, Cockerham.

 ==1950's and later==    

 1932 Attended Mrs. Penrose's boarding school in Florence. 
    Italian art influenced her technique in later years.

 1935 Presented at court of George V. Photographed by Cecil Beaton ->.

 1936 Chelsea School of Arts and then joined the painting Academy 
   Amedee Ozenfant; also attended by Ursula Blackwell See ->.
    Given Surrealism - Herbert Read by her mother.
    Visited the International Surrealist Exhibition in London.

 1937 Met Max Ernst in London after being invited to a dinner party 
    hosted by Ursula wife of the Hungarian revolutionary architect 
    Erno Goldfinger ->.
    Holidays on The Fal River, Cornwall with Max Ernst, Man Ray,
    Henry Moore, Irina Radetsky, Eileen Agar, Leonora Carrington, 
    Paul Eluard, Roland Penrose, Lee Miller,  Nusch, 
    Ady Fidelin, Edouard Mesens and Joseph Bard.
    Moved to Paris with Ernst. 
    Met Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy, Benjamin Peret, Hans Bellmer, 
    Jean Arp, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Leonor Fini, 
    Valentine Hugo, Meret Oppenheim, Toyen, Grace Pailthorpe, 
    Louis Aragon, Alberto Giacometti, Gisele Prassinos and 
    Jimmy Ernst.
    Luis Bunuel proposed that she become his mistress giving her the key to 
    the secret studio that he used as a love nest and told her to meet him the 
    next afternoon. 
    The next morning, Leonora went to visit the place and taking advantage of the 
    fact that she was menstruating, she covered her hands with blood and used them 
    to make handprints all over the walls in order to provide a bit of decoration 
    for that anonymous, impersonal room.  Ref A.

  1938 Jan; Exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme? at the 
    Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris; Organizers Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp. 
    Finishes her breakthrough Self-Portrait (Inn of the Dawn Horse).
Larger ->.
    La Maison de la peur published by Henri Parisot -> (Fr) who was to remain her 
    life long literary adviser.
    Summer; Moves with Max Ernst to Saint-Martin d'Ardeche, S. France. (Map ~>.
    June; visited by Roland Penrose and Lee Miller who photographs ~> them;
    Peggy Guggenheim who purchases The Horses of Lord Candlestick.
    Paints Meal of Lord Candlestick 
larger ->
 1939 Summer; visited by Leonor Fini with Mandiargues and Federico 
    Veneziani and also by Tristan Tzara. 
    Portrait of Max Ernst ~>
    Published La Dame ovale (The Oval Lady) with reproductions of collages 
    by Max Ernst.
    Bitter quarrel caused by Tristan Tzara with Fini who slashes her 
    unfinished portrait and flees the house.
    Starts an intense annd intimate correspondence with Leonor Fini - pdf ~>
    Sept; Moves to Largentiere (Map ~>) 
    To be closer to Max who is interned there but who was freed at Christmas.

 1940 May; Max interned again.
    June; Carrington escaped to Spain with Michel Lukacs and his girlfriend 
    Catherine Yarrow ->. 
    She has a breakdown in Madrid and is taken from the British Embassy to a 
    private sanatorium in Santander at the instigation of her father and his 
    business associates. 
    Administered Cardiazol which induced spasms similar to electroshock therapy.
    Attended by Dr. Luis Morales. **

 1941  Sent to Madrid then Lisbon en route to S. Africa; escaped from her 
    guardian and went straight to the Mexican Embassy to find her old friend 
    Renato Leduc.
    Married the Mexican poet Renato Leduc 
    in  (a marriage of convenience). 
    Sailed for New York in one of the last ships to leave Europe. 
    Once in New York she rejoined the Surrealists meeting with Marcel Duchamp, 
    and Andre Breton.
    Re-met Luis Bunuel.

 1942 settling in Mexico. Friends with Remedios Varo 
    Divorced Leduc. 
    Met again with Andre Breton, Benjamin Peret, Alice Rahon, 
    Wolfgang Paalen and Luis Bunuel.

 1943 Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of 
    this Century, New York 
    In Mexico, at the insistence of Pierre Mabille she wrote 
    En bas (Down Below). 
    The original was lost and so Carrington dictated the work in French to his 
    wife Jeanne Megnen.

 1946 Married the Hungarian photographer Emerico Weisz ->, (Chiqui).
    Meets Sonja Sekula.

 1947 Birth of her son, the artist Pablo Weisz Carrington ->.
    Her circle included Octavio Paz, Diego Rivera and to a lesser extent 
    Frida Kahlo. 
    Edward James arranged show for her in Pierre Matisse's gallery in New 
    York .
    Temptation of St Anthony ->.
    Play  A Flannel Night-Shirt.

==1950's and later==

 1957 Griffin Tapestry ->.

 1960 Published The Hearing Trumpet ~>

 1976 Published {https://amzn.to/2CBvY2e|The Stone Door ~>]] written in the 1940's. 

 1985? Moved to the United States; living in New York and then in Chicago.

 1992? Returned to Mexico.

 1996? Publishes The Dark Book ~> with her son Gabriel Weisz.

 2005? Contributes to ''Dancin' in the Streets! Anarchists, IWWs Surrealists, 
    Situationists & Provos in the 1960s'' by Penelope Rosemont.

 2011? May 26th. d. Mexico City.

     Leonora Carrington; Surrealism, Alchemy and Art -> - Susan L. Aberth (2010).

    See work -> and Interview 2007 and    Video June 2010 ->.
    See web -> and more and noise and silence ->
    See Obit Telegraph ->.
    R: her writing see Paris Review ~>.

    ** Morales  asserted in 1993? Surrealism was a prophylaxis 
    and wondered if Carrington, in 1941 was actually sane in her adaption to 
    society as it was at the time and if now she would even be classified as ill.

 Ref A See The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky.

    See Timeline