1907 b. Aug 30th in Buenos Aires, Argentina; 
    Raised in Trieste, Italy.
    Her father was Argentinian / Italian and her Mother Slavic / Italian
    She was an Italian surrealist Painter and Writer. 
    Fini's uncle's circle included James Joyce and a 40-year old painter,  Arturo Nathan who 
    became her mentor and friend giving her a copy of Huysman's A Rebours.

 ==Later Life==

 1924 Debut exhibit in a Trieste gallery.
   Friendship of Italian artists Achille Funi, Carlo Carra¡ and Arturo Tosi.

 1929 Moved to Milan, met and became friends with Giorgio de Chirico.

 1931 Invited to exhibit in Milan alongside Giorgio de Chirico.
    Affair with Prince Lorenzo Ercole Lanza del Vaso di Trabia and joins him in Paris. 
    On the journey she met Filippo di Pises -> who introduced her at the cafe Deux Magots where she renewed 
    her acquaintance with Giorgio de Chirico and met Max Jacob.

 1932 Meets Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues and Henri Cartier-Bresson, modelling for him.
    Max Jacob shows her paintings to Christian Dior -> who exhibited her work at Galerie Bonjean.
    Met Elsa Schiaparelli who lent her dresses and at a party given by the couturier Jacques Heim -> 
    she met Max Ernst with whom she had an affair. 
    Ernst introduced her to Paul Eluard, Gala, Andre Breton, and Rene Magritte.
    When one of the Surrealists saw a painting of hers in a Paris gallery and sought out its creator, 
    she arranged a rendezvous in a local cafe arriving dressed in a cardinal's scarlet robes, 
    which she had purchased in a clothing store specializing in    clerical vestments. 'I liked 
    the sacrilegious nature of dressing as a priest, and the experience of being a woman and wearing 
    the clothes of a man who would never know a woman's body.' 

 1933 Traveled Europe by car with her great friends Mandiargues, and Henri Cartier-Bresson 
   who photographed her naked in a swimming pool.
 1934 exhibits with the surrealists at an exhibition organized by Paul Eluard at 
    Galerie des 4 Chemins.
     with her cat Moutchi by Veno Pilon.

 1935 Dec. exhibits again at Galerie des 4 Chemins.

 1936 She developed friendships with the women members of the movement and participated in 
   surrealist exhibits; 
   Meets Georges Bataille and became lifelong friends with Victor Brauner.
   Photographed -> by Dora Maar. 
   Painted portraits of Jean Genet ->, Anna Magnani ->, Jacques Audiberti, 
   Alida Valli, Jean Schlumberger -> and Suzanne Flon ->. 
   Julien Levy visits her is infatuated and they have a brief affair in Normandy. 
   Attended a garden party hosted by Tristan Tzara.
   Levy takes her to a soiree given by Salvador Dali and Gala where she meets Edward James 
   and introduces herself to Pablo Picasso
   Exhibits at the London International Surrealist Exhibition; included in Herbert Read's 
   book Surrealism. 
   Travelled to London with Max Ernst.
   Socializes with Joan Miro and Roland Penrose.
   Autumn, Sails for New York; on board were Charles Henri Ford and Ravel Tchelitchew who became 
   her New York guides. Ford photographs her.
   Nov. Julien Levy has a joint show for her and Max Ernst. 
   In the catalogue Paul Eluard dedicates a poem to her  Le Tableau Noir and Giorgio de Chirico 
   wrote her a panegyric.
   Joseph Cornell creates a homage to her The Lost Needle Collage.

 1937 friends with Leonora Carrington.
   Photographed by Edwin Blumenfeld.

 1938 Patrick Waldberg ''I remember seeing her, in stiletto heels, fur and feathers...on market day
   ...a stray Holbein among the Breughels''. 
   I marvelled at how, as she approached, the din gave way to a deferential and surprised silence.
   Designs a Perfume bottle for Elsa Schiaparelli's Shocking.
   Portrait of Meret Oppenheim.

 1939 Leo Castelli and furniture designer Rene Drouin invited Fini to organize their first 
   major exhibition. 
   Choosing the theme of art and design, she invited Salvador Dali, Meret Oppenheim, Eugene Berman, 
   and Max Ernst to participate.
   Visted by Frida Kahlo.
   Solo exhibition Julien Levy gallery, New York
   With Mandiargues and Federico Veneziano she visits Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington 
   in Saint-Martin d'Ardeche.
   Two portraits: - Portrait of Leonora Carrington and The alcove; an interior with three women
   During this visit Fini began a portrait of Carrington which was abandoned after an unfortunate 
   visit by Tristan Tzara.
   Designed costumes and decorations for theater, ballet and opera, including the first ballet 
   performed by Roland Petit ->. 
   "Les Demoiselles de la nuit", featuring a young Margot Fonteyn ->.
   This was a payment of gratitude for Fini's having been instrumental in finding the funding 
   for the new ballet company.

 1941 m. Federico Veneziani possibly to protect him as he was Jewish.
   met Count Stanislao Lepri (former Italian consul in Monte Carlo) 
   A woman should live with two men; one more a lover and the other more a friend.
   La Bergère des Sphinx ~>.

 1943 Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of this Century, New York.

 1945 Victor Brauner and his wife Jaqueline Abraham  holiday with her in Normandy.

 1946 Moved back to Paris, living in a Menage a Trois with the Marquis Stanislao Lepri and 
   Count Sforzino Sforza.

 1948 Fini's owl mask originates with the New Year's Eve party called the 
   Bal des Oiseaux given at the Palais Rose on the avenue Foch, Paris, by 
   Vicomte Charles Benoist d'Azy at the end of the year.

 1950 Visited -> Spain; painted in Malaga ->.

 1952 she met Constantin Jelenski known as "Kot," with whom she would begin a relationship. 
   Leonor, Stanislao, and Kot would live together, more or less, for the rest of their lives. 

 1954 Designed the costumes for two films, Renato Castellani's Romeo and Juliet

 ==Later Life==
 1968 Designed costmes for John Huston's A Walk with Love and Death.
    Illustrates Histoire d'O|Story of O -> by Pauline Reage. See Slideshow ->. 

   In the 1970s, she wrote three novels, Rogomelec, Moumour, Contes pour enfants velu and Oneiropompe. 
   Her friends included Jean  Cocteau, Giorgio de Chirico, Alberto Moravia ->, and Fabrizio Clerci ->.
   She illustrated many works by the great authors and poets, including Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire 
   and Shakespeare, as well as texts by new writers. 

 1996? d. January 18th. in Paris

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