1929 b. Borgerhout, Belgium 
   Belgian Photographer and Collagist

  1953 Le Symboliste ou Intersexualité provoquée chez la souris femelle. Photo ->

  1955 L'ébéniste ->

  1958? Revanche de la nuit ->

  1959 Worked on the scandal film ‘L'imitation du Cinema’ -> with his eternal accomplice Marcel Marien. Follows the Movie ->

  1962? Together with Marcel Marien  made the photo montage for the famous pamphlet 
  ‘Grande Baisse ->’  which was ridiculizing the success of Rene Magritte.
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   They pretended that the pamphlet came from Magritte himself. In this pamphlet the 'Great painter' 
   advertised big discounts on his most successful works. These could be ordered in various sizes. 
   A majority of supporters, intellectuals and journalists were taken in by this fake communication. 
   The episode put an end to 25 years of friendship between Magritte and Mariën.

  1999? d. Antwerp.

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