1901 b. Christchurch, New Zealand
   Sculptor and Film Maker
 1921 Moved to Australia to study film.

 1923 - 1924  Spent two years in Samoa.

 1926 Moved to London.
   Inspired by Joan Miro

 1928 Involved with Seven and Five group ->.
   Completed Tusalava ->.

 1929 Visits with Laura Riding -> and Robert Graves -> in Deya, Mallorca.

 1930 Involvement with Nancy Cunard's Hours Press.
   Covers for Twenty Poems Less  and Four Unposted Letters both by  Laura Riding
   also Covers for Collected Poems by John Rodker ->.

 1933 m. Jane Keeling.

 1934 Quicksilver with text by Laura Riding. 

 1935 Directed Death of a Robot assisted by Humphrey Jennings
    Colour Box ->, a film made without a camera. 

 1936 Invited by Roland Penrose and Herbert Read to exhibit in the 
   International Surrealist Exhibition, London
   At this time he was friends with John Banting, Edward Burra,  Stanley William Haytor, 
   Humphrey Jennings, Paul Nash  and Dylan Thomas ->. 
   By the end of the decade he was Britain's leading experimental Film Maker.

 1946 Moved to New York.

 1947 Ruthven Todd introduces him to Joan Miro.

 1948 m. Ann Zeiss.

 1980 d. may 15th. Rhode Island

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