1907 b. April 23rd Elizabeth 'Lee' Miller in Poughkeepsie, New York. 
    Later Lady Penrose 
    American, Photographer, Writer, War Correspondent, Model 
    and Muse; journalist and cook
    Her mother was a Canadian of Scottish and Irish descent and her father 
    was of German descent.
    Her father Theodore ~>  always favored Elizabeth, and he often used her as a model 
    for his amateur photography frequently nude or in states of undress.

   ==Early Years==
   ==19530's and later==

   ==Early Years==
 1914 Raped.

 1925 May - Jan 1926 Studied in Paris at school of Ladislas Medgyes 
    school of technical theatre.

 1926 March began studying under Hallie Flanagan -> director of Vassar's 
    Experimental Theatre.
    Spent time in New York with the Provincetown Players -> as a neophyte designer. 
    May; danced in the chorus of George White's Scandals -> 
    July; Her boyfriend Harold Baker drowned while they were on a boating 
    trip on Lake Upton.
    Aug; Moved to New York. 
    Oct; attended Art Students League of New York.
    "Discovered" by Conde Nast ->. 
    Models for Vogue and becomes one of the most sought-after models in New York. 

  1927 March; Cover model for Vanity Fair illustrated by Georges Lepape ->. 
    Photographed by Edward Steichen (who was her main inspiration to turn 
    to photography; Arnold Genthe ->, and Nickolas Muray.

 1928 Her advert for Kotex ->, a female sanitary product, caused a scandal. 
    She studied at the Art Students League. Meets and befriends Tanja Ramm.

 1929 Affair with Alfred De Liagre ->. 
    Her New York modelling career was over after the Kotex scandal. 
    May; sailed to France; 
    Another lover; Argylle crashed his biplane and died the same afternoon 
    after dropping roses on the sundeck on a fly past on her sailing from New York.
    Visited Florence then Rome before returning to Paris.
    June; introduced herself to Man Ray; with whom she then lived 
    until 1932 as both lover and apprentice.
    Visited Biarritz with Man who introduced her to his friends and patrons 
    Rose and Arthur Wheeler
    Oct. Wall St. crash. Lee Starts at French Vogue (Known as Frogue), photographed -> by 
    Befriended Jacqueline Barsotti.

 1930 friends with Tata - Tatania Yaclovleva -> See review -> and Kiki.
    Tanja Ramm arrives in Paris to stay ~> with Lee.
    Began working in collaboration with Hoyningen-Huene and Horst Bohrmann ->.
    Jean Cocteau's The Blood of a Poet -her only film appearance. 
    Worked with Man on his semi erotic / semi home movie Self Portrait
    which remained in his possession until his death.
    Her close circle of friends included Pablo Picasso, Paul Eluard 
    and Jean Cocteau. 
    During a visit to St. Moritz with Charlie Chaplin-- also a likely lover; 
    Hoyningen-Huene introduced Miller to Aziz Eloui Bey.

 1932 She returned alone to New York. 
    Photographed Gertrude Lawrence ->, Virgil Thompson ->, John Houseman ->   
    and Lilian Harvey ->. 
    Friendship with Joseph Cornell whose Bell Jar objects she photographed.

 1933 Affair with Julien Levy.
    Her only solo exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.

 1934 Photographed the African-American cast of the Virgil Thomson - Gertrude Stein 
    opera Four Saints in Three Acts ->.
    She abandoned her studio, marrying Aziz Eloui Bey, a wealthy Egyptian 
    businessman with whom she lived in Cairo. 
    Observatory time -€“ the lovers Man Ray's hommage to Lee.

 1937 "Portrait of Space" probably inspired Rene Magritte's "The Kiss"
    Moved back to Paris, rejoined the surrealist circle and met Roland Penrose. 
    Holidays on The Fal River, Cornwall with
    Max Ernst, Man Ray, Henry Moore, Irina Radetsky, Eileen Agar, 
    Leonora Carrington, Paul Eluard, Roland Penrose, Nusch Eluard, 
    Man Ray, Ady Fidelin, Edouard Mesens, Joseph Bard the writer.
    Affair with Pablo Picasso in Mougins also with Ady Fidelin (see Photo ~>).

 1938 Toured Greece, Hungary and Central Europe with Roland Penrose 
    photographing Carpathian Gypsy Villages on a tour organised by Hari Brauner, 
    brother of painter Victor Brauner.
    Visited Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington in Saint-Martin d'Ardeche 
    enroute to Antibes.
    Affair with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Burrows]|Bernard Burrows ->.

  1939 Moved to England with Roland Penrose.
    Inspired Roland Penrose's painting The Real Woman ->

 1942 Miller became Vogue'€™s war correspondent, documenting the Blitz.
    She was accredited into the US Army as a war correspondent for Conde Nast Publications 
    travelling, together with the photographer and lover David Scherman -> , to France. 
    She recorded the first use of napalm at the siege of Saint-Malo, the liberation 
    of Paris, the battle for Alsace and the horrors of Nazi   concentration camps, 
    dying children in a Vienna Hospital, peasant life in post-war 
    Hungary and finally the execution of Prime Minister Lazlo Bardossy ->.

 1942 - 1943 Lee and Roland lived in a 'menage a trois in Hampstead 
     with David Scherman.

 1946 Traveled with Roland to the United States, visiting Man Ray in   California. 

 1947 After she discovered she was pregnant with her only son, Antony she divorced 
    Bey and married Roland. 
    Sept. Antony was born. 

 1949 Roland and Lee bought Farley Farm House in Sussex and settled 
    into married life. 
    They founded and ran the Institute for Contemporary Art together. Their home 
    becoming a meeting place for artists and friends. Among them Pablo Picasso, 
    Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Man Ray, 
    Paul Eluard, Georges Limbour, Saul Steinberg?, Henry Moore, 
    Andre Masson, Eileen Agar, Jean Dubuffet, Dorothea Tanning. 
    Wrote about the Institutes for Contemporary Art's exhibition "Forty Thousand 
    Years of Modern Art" for the January Vogue.

  ==1950's and later ==
 1951 Wrote about the exhibition for Picasso's birthday for the November Vogue.

 1954 Photographed Pablo Picasso for Roland's book "Picasso, his life and work".

 1955 Exhibited in "The Family of Man" in the Museum of Modern Art in New York 
    and the following World Tour. 
    Photographed for biographies Roland wrote about Antoni Tapies ->.
    Friendship with James Beard ->. 

 1966 Roland was knighted for his efforts in support of Contemporary Art in 
     Britain; she became Lady Lee Penrose.

 1969? Encourages Penny Slinger in her research on Max Ernst.

 1976 Accepted the honours for her friend Man Ray at the Arles Photo Festival. 

 1977? Miller died from cancer at Farley Farm House in Chiddingly. 

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