A Parisian bar named after the Surrealist ballet -> composed by Darius Milhaud, 
    with scenario by Jean Cocteau and stage designs by Raoul Dufy ->.

    Immortalized by Marcel Proust's last words: - 
    If only I could be well enough to go once to the cinema and to Le Boeuf Sur le Troit

 1922 Opening of Le Boeuf sur le Toit with Nina Hamnet, Marie Beerbohm, 
   Pablo Picasso, Madame Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Moyses, Raymond Radiguet, 
   Constantin Brancusi and Marie Laurencin, Sergei Diaghilev, Rene Clair, 
   Jane Bathori, and Maurice Chevalier.
   Eugene McCown played piano at the bar.
   Les six performed frequently.

 1926 Nov. Louis Aragon and Nancy Cunard drop by.

 1939 Frida Kahlo listens to Garland Wilson ~>.

   Jean Cocteau
   Raymond Radiguet
   Georges Auric
   Darius Milhaud
   Erik Satie
   Arthur Honneger
   Francis Poulenc
   King Ferdinand of rumania
   Grand Duke dimitri Pavlovich
   Dayang Muda
   Coco Chanel

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