1924 - 1929 Publication by Surrealists in Paris. 
   Twelve issues were published.
   Dec 1st. Andre Breton published the inaugural issue.
   It was the first truely Surrealist journal.
   Pierre Naville and Benjamin Peret were the initial directors. 
   The journal focused on writing with most pages densely packed with columns of text, 
   but also included reproductions of art, among them works by Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, 
   Andre Masson and Man Ray.

    Dec. Issue 1 : The cover of the initial issue announced the revolutionary agenda 
    of the La Revolution surrealiste  
          It is necessary to start work on a new declaration of the rights of man.
    Joint staement by Paul Eluard Jacques-Andre Boiffard and Roger Vitrac
          ''Only dreams leave man with his right to freedom intact....Realism 
    is the pruning of trees. Surrealism is the pruning of life.'' 1 
    Edition contained some photographs by Man Ray

    Apr. Issue 3 :The cover of the third issue announced, 
          "End of the Christian Era." 
    Inside articles convey a blasphemous and anticlerical tone. 
    Writer and actor Antonin Artaud wrote an open letter : "Address to the Pope". 

    Issue 4: Andre Breton announced that he was taking over La Revolution surrealiste. 

    Pierre Unik  story Long Live the Bride! appeared in La Revolution Surrealiste. 
    Dec. Issue 8: The growing fascination with sexual perversion is revealed in an article 
    by Paul Eluard celebrating the writings of the Marquis de Sade. 
    Writing and imagery by Andre Breton, Man Ray, and Salvador Dali.
    Man Ray also published photographs of Eugene Atget -> in this issue.
    Letter from Jean Genbach to Andre Breton published.

    Oct. Issues 9 and 10 : manifesto Hands off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin
    Introduces Cadavre Exquis; Poems of Fanny Beznos 

         Issue 11 : The interest in sex continues in the eleventh issue with "Research into Sexuality," 
     Dialogue - Suzanne Muzard

     Dec. Issue 12 : Contains Andre Breton's "Second Surrealist Manifesto". 
     Suzanne Muzard and Valentine Penrose give responss to the inquiry on love.
     Rene Char "Profession de foi du sujet"
     Albert Valentin Projet d’un monument aux morts ->

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   1 Revolution of the Mind: The Life of Andre Breton - Mark Polizzotti (1997 revised 2009). 

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