1941 May - 1944 
   A surrealist Resistance Group which clandestinely published 
   Periodicals in France during World War II.
   Founded by Noel Arnaud and joined by many from the group 
   Les Reverberes and including Robert Rius, 
   Jean-Francois Chabrun, Adolfe Acker ->, Paul Eluard, 
   Georges Hugnet, Maurice Henry, Jean Ferry, Oscar Dominguez, 
   Jacques Herold, Victor Brauner, Gerard de Sede, 
   Christian Dotremont, Marc Patin, Gerard Vulliamy, 
   Marco Menegoz, Andre Still ->, and Edouard Jaguer among others.
   The name was taken from Une saison en enfer by Arthur Rimbaud
   "La main a  plume vaut la main a charrue". 
   ("The hand that writes is equal to the hand that ploughs").
   In addition to anonymity the design and layout of each issue varied so 
   that it did not appear be a periodical.
   12 editions were published.

 1941 May; First issue
   Adolphe Acker ->, Christine Boumeester,Jean-Francois Chabrun, 
   Achille Chavee, Jean-Claude Diamant-Berger, Christian Dotremont, 
   Henri Goetz, J-V Manuel (Manuel Viola), Regine Raufast, 
   Robert Rius, Hans Schoenhoff, Gerard  Schneider ~>, Gerard de Sede, 
   Gerard Vulliamy, Katia Thirion and Marc Patin ~>. 
   Les rejoignent : Noel Arnaud, Jacques Bureau ~>, Aline Gagnaire?, 
   Emile Guikovaty, Edouard Jaguer, Jean Jausion ~>, Jean Hoyaux ~>, 
   Nadine Lefebure ~>, Leo Malet, Pablo Picasso, Boris Rybak ~>, 
   Paul Eluard, Georges Hugnet, Maurice Blanchard, Andre Stil ~>, 
   Jean Simonpoli?, Charles Bocquet, Raoul Ubac, Maurice Henry, 
   Oscar Dominguez, Rene Magritte, Maurice Nadeau, Paul Delvaux, 
   Jacques Herold, Jean Arp.

 1942 Participation of Marcel Marien

   To circumvent discovery the periodical was published under a different name 
   for each edition.
   The "Head Office" changed as well from the home of Robert Rius and 
   Laurence Iche, to the home of Marthe Chabrun, mother of 
   Jean-Francois Chabrun. 
   The letter boxes were the houses of Marc Patin for the first edition; 
   and then the homes of Daniel Chabrun and Noel Arnaud. 
   Autumn; Noel Arnaud became secretary to the group.
   All the editorials were by Jean-Francois Chabrun.

   Eight of the members were shot by the Nazis or died in the camps: 
   Tita was deported and died in Auschwitz. 
   Hans Schoenhoff Imprisoned Cherche-Midi, deported and died in Auschwitz. 
   Jean-Pierre Mulotte thrown from the Austerlitz bridge in Paris. 
   Jean-Claude Diamant-Berger; Paratrooper in the French Foreign Legion and 
   died in Normandie. 
   Marc Patin, died of pneumonia in a German hospital.

 1944 June; At the urging of Robert Rius, Jean Simonpoli, 
   director of Cahiers de poesie; together with 17 year old surrealist poet 
   Marco Menegoz, (Quatre Vingt Et Un) formed a Maquis in the forests of 
   July 4th. They were denounced, imprisoned and tortured; and on
   July 21st.  on the plain of Chanfroy 
   with 20 other resistants.  See Video - Ghjuva-est-mort ->.

   Published by La Main A Plume (1942-1944):

   1. Aux absents qui n'ont pas toujours tort, Noel Arnaud
      Etching by Oscar Domínguez?. 
   2. Les Pelouses fendues d'Aphrodite - Maurice Blanchard
      Reproductions of drawings by Yves Tanguy
   3. L'Incendie habitable - Gerard de Sade?
      Dry point sketch by Gerard Vulliamy
   4. Qui fait la pluie et le beau temps - Jean-Francois Chabrun
      Portrait of Chabrun by Tita as frontispice
   5. Pleine marge - Andre Breton
   6. Le Frere de Lacenaire - Leo Malet
      reproduction of Ulysse by Salvador Dali as frontispice
   7. Celui qui n'a pas de nom (Synopsis pour un film surrealiste) 
      - J-V Manuel (Manuel Viola). Joan Miro design as frontispice.
   8. Les Malheurs d'un dollar - Benjamin Peret
      Monotype by Roger Brielle? as frontispice.
   9. ''Etagère en flamme - Laurence Iche
      Sketch by Picasso as a double page frontispice
  10. Serrures en friche - Robert Rius
      Supplemented with a design by Rene Magritte.
  11. Lettres d'amour - Christian Dotremont
      Illustrated by a design from Rene Magritte.
  12. Pablo Picasso - Jean-Francois Chabrun with Robert Rius
      Illustrated with laminated photos of works by Picasso. 

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