1900 July 20th. b. Basle.
   Swiss-American Surrealist Painter and engraver printmaker, sculptor, 
   stage designer and writer
   Known for his fantastic imagery of medieval troubadors and knights engaged in 
   macabre rituals and inspired in part by the Carnival held annually in his native Basel.

 1918 First recorded print.
   Studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Geneva. 
   Later he studied at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence.

 1927 Moves to Paris and meets Alberto Giacometti who  introduces him to 
   Jean Arp and Jean Helion.

 1932 Introduced to Meret Oppenheim.

 1934 La Sorciere (See also ->)
 1935 Met and married Arlette Paraf
   (Granddaughter of the founder of the Wildenstein Gallery; Paris, London  
   and New York). 

 1936 Year long round the world honeymoon.

 1937 Invited by Andre Breton to join the Surrealists.

 1938 January; exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme? at the 
   Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris organized by Andre Breton & Marcel Duchamp.

 1939 Sept; arrives in New York and did his utmost to help his colleagues 
   escape Europe writing to Alfred Barr at MOMA.
   In corespondence with Andre Breton
   Purchased Sugar Loaf farm, Orange County, New York.

 1940 Began teaching at Brooklyn College and Briarcliff Junior College. 
   Visited by Alexander Calder

 1941 Provided costumes for Hanya Holm's -> ballet The Golden Fleece.

 1942 Photograph -> from the time shows a bespeckled Kurt Seligmann seated in 
   Peggy Guggenheim€™'s New York penthouse with 
   Leonora Carrington, Frederick Kiesler, John Ferren ->, Stanley William Hayter, 
   Peggy Guggenheim, Berenice Abbott, Fernand Leger, Piet Mondian ->, Max Ernst, Jimmy Ernst, 
   Marcel Duchamp, and Andre Breton. 
   Many of these made their way to Sugar Loaf during the 1940s, as did Joan Miro, 
   Alexander Calder, Meyer Schapiro ->, Enrico Donati, Stamo Papadaki -> and Parker Tyler ->.
   Meets Sonja Sekula.

  1943 April; Cover of View.

 1944 Limited edition set of six etchings illustrating the Myth of Oedipus 
   by Meyer Schapiro. see ->.
   Made prints for visiting friends including Alexander Calder, Andre Masson, 
   Yves Tanguy, and Ossip Zadkine ->.
   Disassociates himself from the Surrealist group.

 1946 Designed costumes for George Balanchine's -> ballet 
   The Four Temperaments, based on music by expatriate German composer 
   Paul Hindemith ->.

 1948 Wrote The Mirror of Magic about the myseries of the ancient world .

 1958? Retired from teaching.

 1962? Jan. 2nd. d. of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound in at
   Sugar Loaf in Orange county, New York.

   Work See ->and also -> and also (pdf) -> and also ->.
   See Orange County Citizens Foundation ->.
   History of Magic and the Occult -> - Kurt Selegmann. 

   Papers -> including letter trying to help others leave Europe. 

   See Timeline