1912 May 19th. b. Kati Deutsch in Budapest.

     Hungarian born Mexican Photographer.

  1928 Met and was influenced by the thinker, poet, painter from the Movimiento 
     Activista, Lajos Kassák ->.
     Around this time she and her childhood friend Robert Capa -> became lovers
     and he photographed her ->.

  1930 Went to Berlin and worked with Bauhaus meeting Bertolt Brecht -> and 
     László Moholy-Nagy ->.

  1933 Returned to Budapest and then on to Paris.
     Received her first Rolleiflex -> as a present.

  1936 Followed Capa to Spain. 
     Photographed the Civil War. 
     Published in the anarchist journals Libre Studio, Mujeres Libres, 
     Tierra y Libertad, Tiempos Nuevos and Umbral. 

  1937 Met Jose Horna -> (Sp). the Andalusian illustrator. 

  1938 In Barcelona m. Jose.
     Subida a la catedral ~>.

  1939 Fled to France and then emigrated to Mexico. Meeting Remedios Varo, 
  Benjamin Peret, Leonora Carrington and her friend Chiqui Weisz.

  1943 Working together with Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington. 

  1946 Photographs -> Leonora Carrington and Chiqui Weisz at their wedding.
     Benjamin Peret and Remedios Varo were also present.
     Photographs many artists in Mexico including Cordelia Urueta.

     Her friends in Mexico included Edward James.

     Teaching photography at the Nacional de Artes Plásticas school and at the 
     Universidad Iberoamericana.

  1960 Leonora with Doll ~>.

  1962? Meets and colaborates -> with Alejandro Jodorowsky ->.
     Sín titulo (Oda a la Necrophilia) ~>.

  1963 death of Jose Horna.

  1987? portrait ~> of Leonora Carrington.

  2000? Oct. 19th. d. Mexico.

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