1890 b. Hamburg.

 1915 Friend of Sophie Taeuber and Jean Arp.

 1916 Member of the Laban Dance Group in Zurich which included Mary Wigman, 
   Maria Vanselow, Suzanne Perrottet, Sophie Taeuber and Maja Kruscek.
   Performed at Dada Soirees.

 1923 Founds her own Dance school in Basle.

 1938 Contacts with the anti-fascist group 33 ->, which also had the conductor 
   Paul Sacher Meret Oppenheim, Ernst Musfeld, and Max Bill -> as members.

 1939 m. Charles Ferdinand Vaucher, Basel dancer, actor and director.

 1947 Divorced

 1992? d. Basle..

   See Sex and the Cabaret: Dada’s Dancers -> pdf.

   Bio in German ->.

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