1900 b. December 13th. in Prague. 
    Czech, Intellectual, Poet, Type designer, Collagist
 1920 One of the founders of Devetsil.

 1926 Typography book ABECEDA.

 1934 Joins Surrealist Group of Prague founded by Nezval ->, Honzi, Jezek, Toyen 
   and Jindrich Styrsky.
   Frequently sees Mary Low and Juan Brea.

 1935 Arranged for Andre Breton to visit Prague, who arived with Paul Eluard 
   and Jacqueline Lamba.
   He also brought other international avant-garde figures like  Le Corbusier, Man Ray, 
   Paul Klee, Vladimir Mayakovsky ->, and Walter Gropius ->, among many others, 
   to lecture and perform in Prague.

 1938 On break up of Prague group produces Surrealism against the Current
    - distancing themselves from the Communist party.

 1941 Designed the clandestinely publication  On the Needles of These Days -> a 
   collaboration with Jindrich Heisler and Jindrich Styrsky which was dedicated 
   to Toyen.

 1948 Teige was first hailed as a progressive, then denounced for not toeing 
   the party line.

 1951 Photographer Emila Medkova joins his revived Surrealist circle.
   Oct. 1st. d. of a heart attack,possibly after ingressing poisen, and said to be a result 
   of a ferocious Soviet press campaign against him as a 'Trotskyite degenerate'.
   His papers were destroyed by the secret police, and his published work was 
   suppressed for decades.
    his companion, Joska, threw herself out of the window and died not far from him

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    Karel Teige ->: L'Enfant Terrible of the Czech Modernist Avant-Garde - 
    Ed. Eric Dluhosch and Rostislav Svacha (1999). 
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