1906 b. New York 
   Art dealer and collector who played a vital role in introducing European 
   avantgarde art, especially Surrealism, to America.  
   He become interested in contemporary art at Harvard.
 1927 Traveled to Paris with Marcel Duchamp and met Man Ray, who 
   introduced him to the work of Eugene Atget ->. 
   With help from Berenice Abbott, Levy was able to purchase the entire 
   catalog of Atget's photography, which included 2000 prints and 10,000 glass-plate negatives.

 1929 m. Joella; daughter of poet Mina Loy with Constantin Brancusi 
   as best men.
 1930 Nov. With Berenice Abbott, organized an Atget exhibition at the New York 
   Weyhe Gallery, where he worked on his return.   

 1931 With Joella opened his own gallery at 602, Madison Avenue with a retrospective 
  show of American photography.

 1932 Jan; Surrealisme show featuring European surrealists including 
   Man Ray and Joseph Cornell
   April; gave Man Ray his first individual show in New York. 
   Oct; modern photography exhibition with pictures by , Brassai,
   Andre Kertesz, Helmar Lerski ->, Man Ray,  Lee Miller, and Walter Peterhans ->.
   Founded the Film Society the precursor to MoMA's film department.
   Dec; Alexander Calder's first solo show featuring his  Bell Jars 
   which were photographed by Lee Miller.

 1933 Jan; Exhibited Lee Miller with whom he had an affair.
    Introduced Henri Cartier-Bresson to the American public. 

 1934 Introduces Salvador Dali to America. 
    Exhibited Alberto Giacometti.

 1936 First showing of Joseph Cornell's film Rose Hobart.
    Visits Paris again. Brief affair with Leonor Fini.
    Nov. Exhibits joint show Leonor Fini and Max Ernst.

 1939 Exhibits Frida Kahlo with whom he has a brief affair.  
    Introduction written by Andre Breton.

 1939 Leonor Fini exhibited.

 1940 Wolfgang Paalen exhibited.

 1942 Dorothea Tanning exhibited.

 1944 Dec; Imagery of Chess -> show.
   Solo exhibition of Xenia Cage.

 1945 Arshile Gorky exhibited.

 1947 Maria Martins exhibited.

 1949 Closed the Gallery.
   He had given one person shows to among others Man Ray, Max Ernst, 
   Joseph Cornell, Alberto Giacometti, Rene Magritte,   Frida Kahlo, 
   Dorothea Tanning, Arshile Gorky and scores more. 
   He also regularly showed other modern artists ranging from Pablo Picasso 
   and Henri Matisse to Rufino Tamayo, Balthus and Isamu Noguchi ->.

 1981 d.

 2001? Levy's collection of c.2,000 photographs (including 362 by Atget) 
   was donated to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

   See here -> and . 

   Julien Levy: Portrait of an Art Gallery -> Edited Ingrid Schaffner, Lisa Jacobs.

   See Timeline