1908 b.
     French  Writer.

  1932 Joins the Surrealists.

  1934 Signatory to the Manifesto of 10 Fevrier Appel a la Lutte.

  1936 Publishes in Single issue Inquisitions  with Tristan Tzara, Roger Caillois, 
      Bachelard and Louis Aragon.
      Contributes to 3rd and 4th edition of Acephale; the review of a secret 
      society founded by Georges Bataille.

  1938 With George Batailles? takes part in the creation of the College de Sociologie.

  1945 Publishes Three Fiction.

  1949 Publishes Sociologie du communisme.

  1960's becomes a fascist.

  1990? Resigns as President of the 'Scientifi Council' of the National Front.

  1995 d.

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