1906 b. June 3rd. in St. Louis, Missouri as Freda Josephine McDonald 
    was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress.
 1925 Arrived in Paris to perform La Revue Negre ->.

 1927 First film Siren of the Tropics ->  ; whose assistant director was Luis Bunuel.

 1929 inspired a  by Alexander Calder. 
   Photographed by Hoyningen-Huene  
larger ->.
 1929 On ship to Rio de Janeiro met and had affair with Le Corbusier -> who 
   sketched -> her and describer her as the most erotic woman I have ever met.

 1935 Ome of her great fans was Rene Crevel.

 1937 Returned to Paris, married Frenchman Jean Lion, and became a French citizen.

 1939 Probable affair -> with Frida Kahlo.

 1940 Hiding on the Estate of Comtesse Lily Pastre in 
    Marseille together with Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc, Pablo Casals? and Andre Masson.
    Active in the Resistance.

 1950's lived in the Lot. Her neighbour was Nancy Cunard.   

 1975? d. April 12th. Paris

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