1894 b. in Villar-en-Val, Aude, France; his parents came from nearby Montsegur.
   Early French surrealist Writer. 
 1907 Studies at Saint Louis de Limoux.

 1909 Sent to Saint Stanislas, a religious school in Carcassonne.

 1922 His first novel, Sur le fleuve Amour. 
   He was one of the early Surrealists. 

 1923 Sends three of his poems to Paul Valery. 
   Meets Louis Aragon. 
   Cholera Published in a Kra a collection edited by Philippe Soupault. 
   Meets Robert Desnos, Andre Lhote, Jules Supervielle ->, and Valery Larbaud ->.

 1924 Named in Andre Breton's Manifesto of 1924.
   Sonia Delaunay illustrates one of his poems La Mode qui vient.

 1925 Meets Marc Chagall ->.
   Expelled from the group after winning the Prix Femina for Jeanne d'Arc.

 1928 Film La passion de Jeanne d'Arc -> directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer -> and 
   in which Antonin Artaud had a part. See ->.

 1930 By now married to Caroline Dudley, the creator of Revue Negre.
   His abandonment of literature in 1930-1 has been attributed both to ill health and to l'amour fou.

 1932 Convalescing in Vence he is corresponding with Jean Paulhan.

 1935 Meets Henry Miller, introduced by Dorothy Harvey, second sister of Caroline, 
   author of a biography of Theodor Dreiser ->.
   Meets Anais Nin

 1947 Jesus II. 

 1960 Francois d'Assise.

 1965 La Cuisine paleolithique.

 1968 La Deltheillerie. 

 1978? d. Montpellier, Herault, France.

 1982 Death of Caroline in Montpelier.

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