1903? b. December 24th. New York
     American Painter and sculptor and Film maker
     Heavily influenced by Pierre Roy
  1932 Photographed -> in New York by Lee Miller.
     Contributed to View.
     Dec; first solo show in Julien Levy's New York Gallery. 
     Shows influence of Man Ray with his Bell Jars series.

  1933 At least 5 small photomontages of facial details cut from Lee Miller's photographs.

  1936 Film Rose Hobart -> shown at Julien Levy's gallery.
     Salvador Dali knocked over the projector in protest.
     Hommage to Leonor Fini The Lost Needle collage.

  1938 Jan; exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme at the 
     Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris; organizers Andre Breton, Marcel Duchamp.

  1946 Met Dorothea Tanning.

  1972? d. December 20th. New York. 

    Cornell spent most of his life at home with his mother and looking after his 
    disabled brother.

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