1897 b. Narbonne, March 19
    French - Poet - Writer
    School at Carcassonne where he met and befriended Ferdinand Alquie ->.
 1918 May; wounded  at Vailly near the Aisne battlelines and  paralysed for the rest of his life.  
    Lived largely bedridden, surrounded by his books. His physical incapacity and constant pain (for 
    which he took opium) caused a retreat from the world, but also became the starting point for an  
    extensive body of poetry and writing. 

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925.

 1928 Founder of the revue Chantiers with de Francois-Paul Alibert ->, Ferdinand Alquie, Claude-Louis 
    Esteve and Rene Nelli ->.

 1936 Published his first work La Tisane de sarments.

 1938 Given a Medal -> made by Rene Iche, a tribute from friends. 
    The reverse, an allegory of wisdom within the tortured body, is an illustration from 
    the first page of his Le Mal d'Enfance published the same year.

 1941 Traduit du silence.
    He contributed poetry to the Carcassonne poetic review Cahiers du Sud, and carried on a 
    correspondence with many writers and friends, including Louis Aragon, Andre Gide, 
    Paul Eluard, Max Ernst, Paul Valdry?  and Simone Weil?. 
    Letters to contemporaries like Gide, Andre Breton, Hans Bellmer and Rene Char. 
    His home in Carcassonne is now a museum -> in his memory along with those of the writer 
    Francois-Paul Alibert and the philosopher Claude Louis Esteve.

 1946 Introduced to Nora Mitrani by his friend Hans Bellmer.

 1947 Painted by Jean Dubuffet.

 1950 Max Ernst published a lithograph for Joe Bousquet and Michel Tapie -> who 
    had both commented on his earlier works.
    d. Sept 28th. Carcassonne.

    See wiki (Fr) ->.

    Posthumously: -
    1967 Lettres a Poisson d'Or. 
    1969? Correspondance. 
    1973 Mystique. 
    1980? Papillon de neige.  
    1989 Le Cahier noir.

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