1914 b.  
    Czech,  Poet,  Photographer

 1935 started his creative career.

 1938 Joined the Czech Surrealists.

 1940 ''Nur die Turmfalken brunzen ruhig auf die 10 Gebote (Seules les crecelles 
    chient tranquillement sur les 10 commandements)''. 
    Cover -> by Jindrich Styrsky  and five full page illustrations by Toyen.

 1941 Clandestine publication On the Needles of These Days.
    A collaboration with Jindrich Styrsky designed by Karel Teige.  See - pdf. -> 
    and dedicated to Toyen, in whose apartment he was hiding.

 1943 Frontispice -> for Philosophie dans le Boudoir – Marquis de Sade.

 1944 As Bad As Each Other.

 19481949 He headed the editorial team of Néon, a key Surrealist journal 
    of the early postwar years.

 1951 Book-Object-Poem -> for for Benjamin Peret

 1953 d. of heart failure.

    See article -> and work ->.

    Jindrich Heisler: Surrealism under Pressure, 1938-1953 -> 
    (2012) Eds. Jindrich Toman , Matthew S. Witkovsky Series: Art Institute of Chicago.

    See Timeline