1920 June; b. Hans Ulrich Ernst, in Cologne, Germany.
   Son of Max Ernst and Louise Straus.

 1922 Earliest recollection is of being near Tarrenz with his parents, 
   and Paul Eluard, Gala, Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp
   Frequent visitors staying at the Cologne household were Hans Arp, 
   Sophie Taeuber, Paul Klee, Jankel Adler ->, Lyonel Feininger ->, Tristan Tzara, 
   Paul Eluard and Gala.
   Visitors included dealers Karl and Joseph Nierendorf ->, 
   Alfred Flechtheim ->, Andreas Becker and Mutter Ey
   Max moves to Paris.

 1925 Max visits Cologne.

 1928 Moves to new apartment in suburb of Sulz. 
   The move was paid for by the sale of a mislaid Paul Klee watercolor.
   Photographed -> with Lou by August Sander ->.

 1930 Summer in Paris with Max and Marie Berthe Aurenche. 
    First meets Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray, Victor Brauner, Joan Miro, 
   Jacques Prevert, Louis Aragon, Andre Masson, Rene Clair, 
   Marcel Jean, Roland Penrose, Philippe Soupault, Yves Tanguy, 
   Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel, Pablo Picasso and Caresse Crosby 
   on whose daughter, Polly Peabody he develops a crush.
   Sees uncut version of L'Age d'Or.

 1931 Assaulted by Brownshirts.

 1933 May, Lou leaves for Paris. 
   Jimmy goes to live with his maternal grandparents and also gets to know the 
   Ernst family.

 1934 Visits Lou and Max in Paris. 
   Watches Alexander Calder perform his Circus. 
   Meets Meret Oppenheim.

 1935 Becomes an apprentice at the printing firm J.J. Augustin -> in Gluckstadt.

 1936 During a visit to Paris has first affair with Lore a friend of Lou's.
   Lou Andreas-Salome -> specifically requests he typesets her book.

 1937 Sees Guernica -> at World Trade Fair and is inspired.  
   First meets Leonora Carrington One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen; 
   Meets Nusch
   In Hamburg visits the traveling Degenerate Art Exhibition -> recognizing many works by 
   family friends and his father.

 1938 Good bye apperitifs at Cafe Flore with Max, Leonora Carrington, 
   Paul Eluard, Jean Arp, Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray, and Lou.
   Arrives New York via Paris and Le Harvre.

 1941 Working in New York for Alfred Barr director of MOMA.
   Suggests his father remarries his mother so that she can obtain a visa.

 1942 Photos of Artists in Exile - 
   Stanley William Hayter, Leonora Carrington, Frederick Kiesler, 
   Kurt Seligmann. 
   Second Row: Max Ernst, Amedee Ozenfant, Andre Breton, Fernand Leger, 
   Berenice Abbott. 
   Third Row: Jimmy Ernst, Peggy Guggenheim, John Ferren, Marcel Duchamp, 
   Piet Mondrian ->.

 1943 Juror for Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of this Century.

 1947 m. Edith Dallas Bauman Brody  with whom he has two children
    Amy Louise (1953) and Eric Max (1956) who both go on to become artists.

 1984 Publishes memoir A not so still life ->.
    d. Feb. 6th. New York.

    A Not-so-still-life -> - Jimmy Ernst (1984). 

    See web -> inc. brief bio ->.

    See Timeline